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  Working Out During Travel Travel Tips by Balmoral International Group
  Working Out During Travel Travel Tips by Balmoral International Group


When you have already booked your travel destination around Luxembourg and you are just a fitness head about your physical exercise, routine and whatnot, there are plenty of ways to stay in shape while in your travel vacation.

Here are some tips from Balmoral International Group that will help you keep your exercise and fitness routine during your travels


Carry your heavy baggage – If the environment permits it and will not be inconvenient, you should carry your big heavy backpack or shoulder bag or a hand carry anywhere you will be going so you can have all your body muscles working while you are walking or hiking with it. If it is just a handbag, just continuously lifting it up and down using your forearms to build more biceps power while traveling about. Do not overdo this by carrying your whole travel bag as that would be too bulky and you might inconvenience other people in the places you would be going, also you might damage some of your fragile belongings in the process.


Always use the stairs – Why take the elevator or escalator when there are stairs for bending some muscle power for your legs? When the situation permits it, you always have to go for the stairs and start working those leg muscles. Bonus points if you are carrying your heavy bag with you.


Stand up more often – Given the choice to slack around by sitting or waiting in line by comfortably laying down the lobby couch, standing while carrying your heavy bag would be the most optimal mode for staying fit. Standing up burns more calories than sitting. Those gains you missed when you could have been in the gym lifting stuffs can be easily compensated by standing up all the time during your travels. Standing in line is normal but standing up while carrying your heavy bag and stuffs and or while climbing the staircase would take the cake, and by this we mean you should not eat a cake literally when you are on your calorie diet.


Take a walk or hike – If you have already figured out your destination, if not try to ask people if it is just nearby and can be reached by walking, you can always have the choice to travel there by foot. Walking exerts more effort and this will give you more cardio training while you are on your vacation. Try walking to more steep areas or jump around obstacles to be more effective. Also, this will be much better with your heavy bag.


Visit some fitness parks – Luxembourg is filled with parks with facilities that the public can use to train like monkey bars and climbing poles. The cobbled roads are very optimal for jogging too. Everything in the park can be used as your personal fitness tool plus you get to have a fresh air to breathe.

That’s it for Balmoral International Group’s training tips during travel. If you have more ideas, feel free to send us a mail so we can add it to our growing list of travel tips and guides.