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How to Travel Comfortably
How to Travel Comfortably


Travel Guide by Balmoral International Group – Luxembourg Travel & Tours

Flying and getting into places is a big thing to be doing and it must be done right so you can enjoy the full experience. If you are flying or traveling to Luxembourg, it is important to know the simple things that can make a huge difference in terms of traveling comfortably and safely.

For going through security: it doesn't matter how nice you like to dress for flights, dress with consideration to having to take your shoes off (depends on the airport), jacket off, belt off, and pockets empty. People, probably including you, just want to get through security. It'll benefit everyone for you to not be scrambling trying to get those tight, strapped or buckled shoes off and dumping your pockets full of loose change and receipts. Dress with efficiency.

For flights: sometimes, when you miss your flight, you have to do the work to get on another one, do not put all the effort on the airline workers. Just go on the website and find other flights available, and then just tell the employee to book them for you.

For baggage: if you can do all carry on, do it. Check bags as a last resort. It'll save time, money, and significantly reduce the chances of your bag being lost.

When packing, remember your chargers. It seems obvious, but it's very easy to miss. Then you spend your trip trying to find a charger to buy, sharing a charger, or just living with dead technology until you go back home.

Regarding attractions: Get a map and mark all the things you want to see. Use different symbols for museums or town squares or parks. Group them by vicinity and divide the groups by the days you'll be spending there. At this point the different symbols you used might get in handy because you can estimate how long it takes to see a museum vs. a square so you can lay out your visiting plan for the entire day.

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